Compare local election manifesto promises for cycling in Scotland

Political parties in Scotland have been publishing manifestos ahead of the local elections on 5 May. Cycling UK has produced a handy guide to help compare manifesto commitments on cycling from the main parties

Ahead of the local elections on 5 May, the main political parties in Scotland have been publishing their election manifestos – the list of actions their party's councillors will aim to achieve if elected. 

To help members and supporters, Cycling UK has created a document to allow easy comparison of each manifesto’s commitments for cycling on a number of key cycling issues, including action for cycling, neighbourhoods, planning and public transport.

We are also encouraging members and supporters to ask their candidates to support local cycling and deliver local cycling revolutions if elected. 

If you meet a candidate in the next 2 weeks, or if you attend a hustings event, ask them the following:

Do you support:

  • creating a network of safe cycling routes to enable more short journeys by bike.
  • improving our neighbourhoods by making more space for people and active forms of travel rather than prioritising space for cars.

You can also do this by using our simple candidate e-action

Earlier this year we produced a manifesto for the local elections which lists 10 things we believe councils must do to boost cycling in their areas.