10 easy ways you can help improve cycling

Solo rider in the Surrey Hills by Ian Stratton
Carry out small but invaluable tasks during this lockdown period that will keep more people cycling during the current crisis and beyond
If you want to see this mini-boom in cycling continue once lockdown restrictions are lifted, microvolunteering is a great opportunity for you to support the important work we do on behalf of cyclists everywhere and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

But what is microvolunteering? It refers to bite-sized but important tasks which support a good cause and can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, a smart phone, tablet or PC and, with a few clicks of the mouse, you're away. Why not use the current lockdown to see how you can spend a few minutes to help your fellow cyclists? 

Take a look at some of our current suggestions below. More will be added during the course of the summer so be sure to keep an eye on CycleClips every week or, if you're registered as a microvolunteer - see below - you'll receive regular tasks to complete. 

  1. We're looking for photos of cyclists and spring flowers to use on our social media channels, mainly Instagram, to show other people how fun it is. Contact our Social and Digital Media Officer for more.
  2. Share the next An Audience with...series of Facebook Live interviews with our own Anna Glowinski. She's hosting chats with some of the top names in cycling from the comfort of her own home and audience participation is welcome.  
  3. If you're tired of reading complaints and negative letters about cycling in your local paper, why not use your time on the sofa to write to your local newspaper about cycling, highlighting how beneficial it is for the community?
  4. Can you come up with exciting ideas to encourage more people to cycle in winter? We're collaborating on the cross-Channel EXPERIENCE project, an innovative new off-season tourism project across six regions in France and England so, if you’ve got an idea you think other cyclists would love, please do get in touch.
  5. If you've started cycling to work, or even if you've been doing it for ages, why not ask your workplace to become a Cycle Friendly Employer. Don’t forget to tell us about it if they do!  
  6. Check out our County Cycling Guides and see if there's anything you could add to make them even better.
  7. Join in the discussions on our forum and give people the benefit of your cycling knowledge.
  8. Some landowners have been using the coronavirus pandemic to illegally deter cyclists from using legal rights of way so report such obstructions if you encounter them on your off-road rides.
  9. Spread the word about our offer of free 3 months' membership to key workers you know.
  10. Donate to our fundraising campaign to help fund the above and keep key workers' wheels turning so they can save lives and continue supporting vulnerable people across the UK.

Find out more about becoming a Microvolunteer for Cycling UK

If you'd like to continue to volunteer for us on a regular basis, why not sign up to become a Microvolunteer, so you can receive updates automatically to any tasks we need help with, such as supporting our current campaigns or sharing stories about cycling on your social media?