Our charity

Our mission at Cycling UK is to enable millions more to cycle. Imagine a country where cycling is a safe and popular mode of transport for people of all backgrounds and abilities, where air pollution is no longer poisoning our children, obesity has been eliminated, and traffic congestion is gone. This is Cycling UK’s vision

We want a cleaner, happier and healthier world. We want people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be able to cycle safely, easily and enjoyably.

Cycling UK has championed the cause of cycling for more than 140 years. We promote all forms of cycling, protect the interests of existing and would-be cyclists, and inspire people across the UK to discover the joys of cycling.

As an independent, democratic and expert organisation, our activities reflect the commitment of our members, volunteers and partners to make cycling mainstream and to create a lasting difference to the lives of individuals and communities.

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We are more than just a membership charity, which provides you with excellent insurance and a magazine.

Our impact

Our mission at Cycling UK is to enable millions more to cycle. To allow us to meet that challenge, in 2021 we refreshed our five-year strategy, taking account of the huge amount of change since 2018. We have streamlined our work into four clear pillars building blocks to achieve our mission. These will guide all our plans until 2024.