Survey results from Cycling UK members

Do you want to know what thousands of cyclists think about cycling? Cycling UK has over 70,000 members and thousands more supporters. Every few years we conduct an online survey of our members and supporters to find out more. The results reveal lots about cycling and cyclists in the UK.

2022 Cycling UK survey results 


2018 Survey results 

In spring 2018 more than 6,700 members and supporters responded to our survey, and the results make fascinating reading. For example, more than a third of you told us your primary reason for cycling was for leisure or fun, more than half own a road bike, and a quarter ride with a Cycling UK group.

An impressive 85% said they were likely to help us with our campaign work, and 75% agree that Cycling UK’s purpose is to campaign for the rights of cyclists.

Here is a snapshot of some of the statistics. 

2018 Survey results