What bike should I buy?

Fustle gravel bike with Mudhugger Gravelhugger mudguards

"What bike should I buy?" is a question that comes up again and again. Cycle's experts are here to help you.

In each issue of the magazine we'll provide expert advice and suggestions for one cyclist on buying, equipping, and if necessary adapting their perfect bike.

Everyone is welcome to submit queries and we particularly welcome questions from new and returnee cyclists; cyclists looking to get started in another cycling discipline that they're unfamiliar with; and cyclists who can't find the kind of bike they're looking for in their local shop. Please also share this form with friends or family who might also benefit from our expert advice. 

We'll select one query each issue for publication in Cycle magazine. The others won't be immediately answered but will be held on file for possible future use.

Unfortunately we won't be able to give you the bike(s) we recommend, but if you do buy one of them we'd love to receive a letter or email from you for the Letters pages of Cycle magazine letting us know how you've got on.

If you need help finding the right bike for you, just fill in the form below. 


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Tell us about your bike requirements

So that our experts can match you with the perfect bike, we need to know what purposes your new bike will be put to. You don't need to tell us what type of bike you're interested in - although you can if you want to. It's more important to tell us what you'll be using your bike for. Do you want to start commuting to work or going on leisure rides with your family?

Please also feel free to tell us a bit about yourself - all the information you give will help our expert panel to match you to the right bike.

Please provide a clear description, in no more than 100 words, of what you want your new bike for. 

Specific bike features

We know that you might have an idea of some things you want your bike to have or not have. You don't need to justify these to us. You know what you want and our job is to make sure it's right for you and you're happy with it.