Why Support Us

As the UK’s national cycling charity, we inspire and help people to cycle and keep cycling. Over 3 million people in the UK regularly get on their bike; whether to get to work, school or the shops; or to enjoy the thrill of off-road tracks, or come together for a leisurely family-bike ride.

We encourage all types of cycling, on the road or off it. We support you if you already ride, or would like to ride; to work or school, for health, touring, sport and leisure – or just because it’s fun.

As a registered charity, we rely heavily on the support of our generous donors – those trusts, foundations and individuals whose help means we can campaign to make our roads safer and more accessible for cyclists and inspire thousands of children, young people and new cyclists through our outreach work

Nationally and locally, we use our knowledge to influence decision makers and help people to discover how cycling can change lives, like Jacquie's or David's. As we see more crowded roads, fewer green spaces, higher fuel prices and an obesity epidemic, we know our work to promote safer cycling for health, fitness, transport and leisure is going to become increasingly important. But we can’t keep doing this without your help.

Our 70,000 dedicated members, who experience first-hand the benefits of our work, already support us through their membership. However, many also generously donate to us through a regular direct debit or standing order -  it’s a swift, simple and secure way to ensure that we can continue to do our vital work in communities inspiring hundreds of thousands of people across the UK to cycle. You can download a standing order form here or simply click here to make a regular donation by direct debit.