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We are now closed to new applications for the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme 2022-23.

We are hoping to hear about funding for the next scheme year in the coming weeks.

If you are not currently participating in the scheme and would like to be notified when the new scheme goes live, please contact us.

Why is this scheme happening?

Coronavirus and the cost of living crisis mean that it can be difficult for some people to pay for essential bike repairs right now. The scheme is therefore intended to reach people who feel they need financial support, as the costs of bike repairs can be a barrier to cycling.

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For more information, take a look at our detailed FAQs:

Frequently asked questions for bike shops

What is the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme?

This service aims to get lots more people across Scotland on their bikes. The Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme is working with bike shops, mechanics and community projects providing cycle repairs across the country, to provide free repairs and maintenance to those who need it. Bike shops and mechanics joining the scheme are awarded grants to provide free repairs and maintenance work, up to the value of £50 per person and £100 per person for non-standard cycles (e.g. trike, tandem, recumbent, cargo. Excluding standard upright e-bikes).

Why has it been set up?

The Scottish Government and Cycling UK know that there are many more bikes than people who want to cycle at this time. This is partly due to mechanical problems or a lack of regular maintenance – so this scheme is helping to get those bikes fixed, safe and back in use.

Who is it for?

The scheme is targeted at people who have a cycle, but it needs some maintenance to get it back in use. It is intended to reach people who feel they need financial support at the moment, as the costs of bike repairs can be a barrier to cycling. It isn’t aimed at people who can already afford to get their bike maintained or repaired but we won’t be asking for bike shops/mechanics to judge customer eligibility or their ability to pay.

When does it start and finish?

The scheme started in May 2022. Bike shops will be able to offer this service up until 28 February 2023. Each bike shop will determine when they finish offering this scheme, depending on when they have utilised all their grant money.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for £2,000 initially, unless advised otherwise by Cycling UK. Each organisation can then apply for two further grants of £2,000 up to a total of £4,000 per organisation. Further grant applications will be at the discretion of Cycling UK

What records do I need to keep?

You must enter the following details on the SCRS Transaction Data Form and submit this to Cycling UK on a regular basis, at a minimum on a fortnightly basis. The following data is to be captured::

  • Date of work
  • Description of work e.g. bronze service, gear service
  • Total cost of work this is the total invoice amount including both the cost covered by the scheme and the amount paid by the customer. For example, a repair of £60 will be £50 covered by SCRS, £10 paid by the customer, and should be reported as "£60".
  • Non-standard cycle repair – e.g. trikes, tandems or recumbent cycles, and are eligible for up to £100 repairs under SCRS. Standard upright e-bikes do not qualify (but an e-trike does qualify).
  • Email address of customer, if they are happy to share it
  • Postcode of customer –, full 6- or 7-digit postcode wherever possible
  • Customer consent, if they are happy to be contacted by Cycling UK.

You (or persons responsible for data collection) should explain to the customer:

  • The customer will receive an evaluation survey from Cycling UK to find out about the impact of SCRS.
  • We are not tracking individuals, checking up on who uses the scheme or adding them to any other mailing lists.
  • Their information is also part of validating the work that bike repair organisations undertake, ensuring the funds are being put to appropriate use.

Please note if a customer doesn't have an email address or does not want to share it, they are still able to use the scheme

How often do I need to submit repair data?

You must submit your repair data on a regular basis, at a minimum on a fortnightly basis using the SCRS Transaction Data Form.

What if the customer doesn’t want to provide an email address?

They are still able to access the £50 free services. We are requesting that you collect the customer emails as it is critical that we can gather information about the scheme for ourselves and the funding partners. If we can’t provide that type of data, it is less likely that we’ll get similar funding in the future.

What happens when I have used all the grant funding?

If there is funding available and you have submitted SCRS repair data evidencing that you have used 75% of your current grant then you can apply for another grant. If there is no funding available, then we will issue you with an evaluation survey.

How much can I give to each customer?

For standard cycles you can cover the first £50 of any eligible repair work carried out under the scheme. Any excess must be paid by the customer.

For non-standard cycles (e.g. trike, tandem, recumbent, cargo. Excluding standard upright e-bikes) you can cover the first £100 of any eligible repair work carried out under the scheme. Any excess must be paid by the customer.

What types of repairs are included?

Basic service and essential mechanical repairs are covered by the scheme i.e. repairs that are necessary to make the cycle roadworthy and fit for purpose. The £50 can cover both parts and labour costs. The following repairs can be covered by the scheme:

  • repairing or replacing tyres, tubes, wheels and related components
  • adjusting, repairing or replacing braking system components
  • adjusting, repairing or replacing transmission system components
  • repairing or replacing other essential components which prevent safe use of the cycle e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle.

The following repairs/transactions are NOT covered by the scheme:

  • a sale of replacement parts without any repair work
  • replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components
  • replacement or repair of removeable lighting accessories
  • using the £50 to contribute to the purchase of cycles or accessories
  • any repairs to e-bike electronic units
  • fleet repairs
  • bike building


What is your expectation of what £50 will cover?

Cycling UK would expect that £50 should cover at least a Bronze service (e.g. frame and forks wiped down and checked for alignment; gears and brakes adjusted; chain checked and lubricated; wheels and tyres inspected for wear; full safety check).

Do I need to assess the bike first? Free of charge?

Yes, you need to undertake an assessment of the work required and then confirm that the customer wishes the work to be undertaken and can cover any cost over and above the initial £50.

How will it be promoted to the public?

The scheme will be promoted in the following ways:

  • Scottish Government channels (media launch / social media)
  • Cycling UK channels including website, social media, mailing lists and press. Each participating bike shop and mechanic will be featured on a web map with their address, contact details, email address and social media links.
  • Cycling UK external partnerships including targeted communities who don’t engage with regular cycling media like EST Home Energy Scotland, Advice Centres and the Association of Cycle Traders.

How do I get my organisation’s details removed or amended on the web map?

Contact us at and we’ll get those changes made as soon as possible.

What if I am overwhelmed with enquiries?

It is important that you continue to provide your regular repair and maintenance services without feeling overwhelmed by this scheme. It should not impact on your existing or new customers. To manage the demand you could do one or more of the following:

  • Decide a limit on the number of SCRS repairs you will complete each week
  • Request all bookings are to a specific email address or use a booking form
  • Include your “how to book a SCRS repair” guidance on your: website, facebook page, email auto reply and/or answerphone message

If you are overwhelmed with enquiries then please contact us and we can temporarily remove your information from the website until you have more capacity.

Can I limit the number of £50 repairs I do in a week?

Cycling UK understands the need to balance the demand of this scheme with your regular customers, but we can’t give you direction on how this scheme affects your operational procedures.

Is there a limit on how many bikes a customer can bring in for repair?

No. For the scheme to reach as many people as possible we would encourage only one cycle can be repaired per person.  However, if a parent/guardian brings in individual bikes for their family, you will be able to service them all.

What happens if the repairs cost more than £50?

Any additional costs are not covered by the scheme. We recommend that all repair costs are agreed in advance with the customer.

What happens if a customer can’t afford all the repairs?

If the customer is unable to afford all of the repairs then you must agree with them in advance what they can afford over and above the value of £50.

If a customer doesn’t need to use the full £50 for their repairs, can I allocate the remaining funds to another customer e.g. top up for someone that cannot afford repairs over £50?

You can allocate any remaining funds to another customer such that the total value of the repairs is £50 per person and £100 per person for non-standard cycles (e.g. trike, tandem, recumbent, cargo. Excluding standard upright e-bikes).

Can I use the £50 towards repairs on a second-hand bike and then resell it?

No. Cycles cannot be repaired under the scheme and then resold.  However, the £50 can be used towards repairs on a bike that may then be gifted to a member of the public.  Please ask them for their email address and postcode.

Can I use the grant to fund repairs for fleets of cycles?

No, the grant funding is for the repair of cycles owned by an individual not an organisation.

Can I use the grant to fund building a cycle?

No, the grant funding is for the repair of cycles.

Can the customer use the £50 for other purchases e.g. bike upgrades, accessories?

No. The £50 can only be used for costs directly associated with repair and maintenance (e.g. labour and parts). It cannot be transferred to other purchases.

Are non-standard cycles (tandems, tricycles, recumbents, side-by-side and cargo bikes) included in the scheme?

Non-standard cycles (e.g. tandems, tricycles, recumbents, side-by-side and cargo bikes, but excluding standard upright e-bikes) are included and the scheme will cover repairs and maintenance up to £100.

Are manual wheelchairs included in the scheme?

Yes, a manual wheelchair can be repaired under the scheme, up to the value of £50.

How do I record the Grant in my accounts?

You record the grant amount received in full as income in your accounts as the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme is VAT exempt.

I’m VAT registered, how do I manage the VAT?

The grant you receive is VAT exempt. The service you will deliver is to the value of £50 per person. Therefore, for a grant awarded to you of £2,000, we would expect at least 40 bike services to be delivered. VAT is not applicable on that supply of services. Where the cost of service is above the £50 value of the grant provided, standard VAT should be applied.

What financial records should I keep for this grant award?

Please keep a record/list/spreadsheet/audit trail of everyone booked in for a service and submit your repair data to us on a regular basis, at a minimum fortnightly, using the SCRS Transaction Data Form, at the start of each month.


The scheme is funded by The Scottish Government and is administered by Cycling UK.


For more information, contact us on


For advice on cycling through the coronavirus pandemic, see our Q&A.