World's Biggest Bike Ride: what kind of ride will you do?

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World's Biggest Bike Ride: what kind of ride will you do?

Saturday 12 September is the World's Biggest Bike Ride, where we are asking everyone who rides to get on a bike and head out for a spin - no matter what kind of riding you do.

The event is all about getting as many people riding as possible across the UK on one day, no matter whether you’re a tot on a balance bike; an energetic worker on an e-bike; or an adventurer on a mountain bike.

The World’s Biggest Bike Ride is for juniors, seniors, the young at heart, and anyone getting back in the saddle. When we say everyone, we really mean it and there are so many different ways you can be a part of the event. 

Find an adventure

This epic event calls for an epic adventure! Here's the reason you've been waiting for to get out and explore the world, go somewhere new or try something different. 

Head off on new roads you have always wanted to discover, take yourself off to see somewhere special, or maybe take on bike packing for the first time? 

For some real off-road adventure, check out Cycling UK's Great North Trail or the recently launched King Alfred's Way - perfect for either day rides or multi-day tours. 

Family fun

Maybe you will be getting out closer to home. Why not look to make cycling part of the family day, head out with the kids or take the parents off on a ride? 

It doesn't matter how far you go, or where. So head to the park or hit the trails. Cycling UK's Matt Mallinder is one who will definitely be on the virtual start line with his children on Saturday, heading for the Surrey hills. If you're making a day of it then pack food, games and plan where to stop to make the whole day trip full of fun that the family will remember for years. 

Whether you are looking for an enjoyable family day or you all really want to be part of something special, make sure you all log your rides as part of the World's Biggest Bike Ride! 

Challenge yourself

When we discussed launching the biggest bike ride in the World, thoughts soon turned to how BIG a ride we really could make it. The biggest we could think of was Mark Beaumont's world record round the world trip and while we haven't heard of anyone going for a ride quite that long, we certainly want to encourage people to think big and challenge themselves! 

For the regular cyclists out there maybe you will go for a century - that's 100 miles/kilometres - or push yourself to take on climbs you would normally avoid. If you're new to cycling, maybe your challenge is to just go further than you have ever gone before. Whatever the goal is for you, make sure you share your stories and pictures with us on social media and use #WBBR2020 and #PumpedUptoCycle

Group ride or epic adventure, there's always time for a cafe stop!

Back on the club ride

While it's certainly not back to "normal", many clubs and groups are now getting back into regular rides. There's nothing quite like a cycle with friends, especially if you have missed out on a your usual rides in these unusual times. 

Whether its a long day in the saddle or a quick jaunt to the cafe for coffee and cake, make sure you keep safe and follow the current guidelines

If you're heading out on the club run on Saturday, make sure all the group know about the World's Biggest Bike Ride and why it is so important we have as many people as possible to stand up and be counted. Everyone will have to log their ride individually - but that does mean that everyone can be entered into the prize draw

Ride to work 

Of course, not everyone will have a free Saturday - but if you're working, that doesn't mean you can't take part. 

You could be a regular cycle commuter or wanting to try commuting by bike for the first time, but regardless every ride registered is part of the event. So pack your panniers and pedal to work knowing that no matter how long your journey is, every person who gets on a bike is standing up to be counted. 

However you plan to ride, everyone can participate - so get involved and make sure you come back after you've ridden and log your ride as part of the first ever World's Biggest Bike Ride!

Log your ride!

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