Play your part in shaping a carbon-free future for UK transport

Will the Government give the green light to increased funding for cycling?
The Government’s pledge to reduce car traffic is encouraging but words are not enough, says Cycling UK
  • Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wants public transport and active travel to be “the natural first choice for our daily activities”, as part of the UK’s commitment to go carbon neutral by 2050
  • Cycling UK welcomes this policy but warns that it must be backed up by investment, to avoid being a repeat of previous empty promises
  • Cycling campaigners can help by registering for workshops as part of the consultation process

The national cycling charity today calls on cycling groups, media and campaigners to get involved in shaping the government’s transport decarbonisation policy, which has recently been outlined.

In a document published by the Department for Transport on March 27, entitled “Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge”, the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, pledged to “set out the policies and plans needed to tackle transport emissions” as part of the UK’s commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. He accepted that investment in cycling and walking needs to “dramatically increase” but as yet there has been no announcement of further significant funding.

Commenting on the document, Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK’s Head of Campaigns, said: “It’s one thing to say that cycling and walking need to be prioritised, with radically increased investment, but when the difficult decisions have to be made, will the Government consider active travel spending before other transport spending? Will they think about actions needed not just to encourage active travel, but to enable it and reduce demand for motor traffic, particularly on short journeys? That’s where you can help.”

The Government has committed to hold a series of workshops and events this summer so people can have their say on how transport is decarbonised. Last Friday’s document calls for input from individuals, businesses, trade associations, local authorities, scientists, researchers, innovators, interest groups and environmental groups.

Cycling UK has prepared a briefing document suggesting points that interested parties can raise if attending these events.

Members of campaign groups who want to get involved can share their views, register for regular updates on the progress of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and register their interest for the workshops by emailing and following @transportgovuk on Twitter.