Cycling UK reaction to Alliston sentencing

Scales of Justice
Cycling UK reacts to the sentencing of former courier Charlie Alliston, who collided with mother-of-two, Kim Briggs while riding an illegal fixed wheel bicycle without a front brake. Alliston has been jailed at the Old Bailey for 18 months.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK's Head of Advocacy and Campaigns said: 

“The Judge sending Charlie Alliston to prison for 18 months casts some light on the myth peddled in recent weeks: that cyclists can’t be and are never held accountable for irresponsible behaviour which endangers others. As Cycling UK has repeatedly made clear, Alliston’s decision to ride a fixed wheel bicycle without a front brake on busy roads was illegal, stupid, and had tragic consequences for Kim Briggs’ family.

"There may be further calls for new cycling offences, with increased penalties, to be included with current driving offences. Such calls are misguided, as we need a complete review of the way in which the justice system deals with mistakes, carelessness, recklessness and deliberately dangerous behaviour by all road users.

“The Government acknowledged this in 2014 when announcing a full review of all road traffic offences and penalties, but we’re still waiting for a full review, and even the outcome of a limited consultation launched last year.

“Those politicians and commentators who are now suggesting an extension of cycling offences might perhaps consider asking the Government why they have not progressed the wide scale review of offences and penalties they promised three years ago, which victim’s families and road safety organisations have tirelessly demanded.”

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