We're all Pumped Up to cycle - are you?

Woman standing next to a bike in a high street
Cycling UK is launching its Pumped Up campaign to excite and inspire people across the UK to get on their bikes.

Cycling UK has today (10 August) launched an invigorating campaign aimed at capturing the new-found enthusiasm for cycling the UK has witnessed during the coronavirus crisis.

The global pandemic has given us a glimpse into what the future could hold as people stayed at home, breathed cleaner air, found solace in quietness and nature – and rode their bikes more.

The Pumped Up campaign is about celebrating the joy of cycling and reminding people about the fun and freedom it unlocks.

It’s about inspiring everyone to enjoy that special thrill of riding a bike, whether they’re already a dedicated cyclist who can encourage friends and family to ride more, or someone starting out and who needs some advice and inspiration.

Pumped Up is all about capturing that spirit of what cycling means to us all and why we all love it so much

Pete Fitzboydon, Cycling UK chief executive

We’re Pumped Up to cycle and we want everyone else to be Pumped Up to cycle too.

Pumped Up

To launch the campaign, Cycling UK has toured the length and breadth of the UK, travelling through England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to capture more than 50 Pumped Up Portraits.

This is a unique snapshot of people across the country for whom cycling is or has become a way of life.

Recent figures showed a 147% increase in cycling levels and cycle shops have seen an unprecedented demand for bikes, proving that more people have been riding bikes during the lockdown, either for exercise, leisure or transport.

Cycling UK wanted to find those people, capture their stories and discover what motivates them to ride their bikes.

Our portraits have captured those people who ride for their health, those who inspire others to get in the saddle, and cyclists who ride for the freedom it brings.

Pete Fitzboydon, interim Chief Executive, said: “Pumped Up is all about capturing that spirit of what cycling means to us all and why we all love it so much. We want to share that enthusiasm and inspire even more people to get in the saddle.

“The coronavirus lockdown has given us a peek into what life could be like if more people cycled and we don’t want this rare opportunity to make a lasting change to slip through our fingers.

“Our Pumped Up Portraits are an incredible resource which demonstrates the range of backgrounds and diversity of people who cycle in the UK and it shows that it’s something everyone can and should be able to enjoy no matter what their age or background.

“I’m certainly Pumped Up to cycle. I hope you are too.”

Cycling UK is also launching its own Pumped Up Crew, a volunteering opportunity to inspire, advise and guide cyclists everywhere.

Our Pumped Up Crew will be out on the streets throughout the summer, supporting a range of our activities including our free bike repair schemes in England and Scotland. 

Find out more at www.cyclinguk.org/pumpedup