The Reason to Velocheer! Our new five-year volunteering strategy is launched

Riders in the New Forest
Cycling UK's new volunteering strategy is our blueprint for the next five years to get millions more people cycling
Covering the years 2018-2023, our new volunteering strategy sets out our vision of volunteers being at the heart of everything we do.

As the oldest transport organisation in the world, for 140 years our amazing volunteers have been an integral part of Cycling UK's ability to deliver well-organised cycling tours, rides and events, campaign for better conditions for cyclists and  unite people in their passion for cycling. 

As we celebrate the anniversary, this exciting and ambitious document sets out our vision of volunteers continuing to be at the heart of everything we do, with an active network of people empowered and united to support more people to cycle. Written with input from Cycling UK staff, Trustees, and current and future volunteers, the strategy sets out the three main ways in which we will achieve this: 

  • by improving the experience of volunteers, with better systems, communications, support and culture;
  • by growing the network, with a greater variety of ways to get involved and a more diverse volunteer base;
  • and by evaluating the impact of our volunteer network.

James Scott, Cycling Development Director at Cycling UK, said: "We look forward to the next five years with great enthusiasm, energy and commitment. We'll provide the best possible experience for those who would like to join us in our mission to help millions more people in this country enjoy the massive benefits of cycling - to themselves, their communities and the world. The Reason to Velocheer! is just the start of this journey, with much more to come, including a new reward and recognition programme to be launched at our Big Bike Celebration in Harrogate in October."

We'd love to know what you think of it too. Please send us any comments you may have on the Reason to Velocheer! or any other aspect of volunteering in cycling, whether in or outside of Cycling UK.

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Find out about our current volunteering opportunities at Volunteering for Cycling UK