Christmas cargo bikes meet elf and safety standards!

Chief Elf Ruth Magennis greets riders on the Southampton Cargo Bikes festive cycle
Southampton Cargo Bikes got into the seasonal spirit this week with Christmas-themed fancy dress and decorated bikes for a festive ride into the centre of Southampton, supported by Cycling UK and My Journey Southampton, the travel awareness campaign by Southampton City Council.

Riders braved the wet conditions to enjoy a family group ride that celebrated cycling and other forms of cycle-powered transport.

As a special Christmas gift, riders were given colourful spoke lights and reflectors provided by Cycling UK and My Journey.

Santa also made a special appearance, riding in on his tinsel-covered Big Dummy Surly cargo bike, aided by Chief Elf Ruth Magennis, Cycling Development Officer for Cycling UK.

Jon Bingham, who helped set up Southampton Cargo Bikes and who donned his Santa suit for the ride, said: “The reason we set up the Cargo Bike group is to show people how easy it is to carry things by bicycle, whether your cargo is the Christmas shopping, your kids or even the Christmas tree!

“We support and encourage all forms of bicycle-related transport and hope that other people join us on one of our group rides in the future, to ditch the car in favour of this clean form of personal transport.”