About Our Cycle Fleet

About Our Cycle Fleet

We have a modest range of cycles and CTC's guide to adapted cycles provides some useful information about these 


As we would like our fleet to grow, we are currently looking for donations and help to purchase some of the following adapted bikes:

  • Quad - for people with balance issues
  • 5 x 20” Striders - for small children to learn to ride
  • Trike Tandem - for people that need extra stability and a pilot to help them ride
  • Recumbent Trike - for people that cannot balance on an upright cycle
  • Side-by-side - for people that need extra stability and a pilot next to them to reassure them and to help them ride
  • Wheelchair Transporter - for wheelchair users that cannot self-transfer
  • Front-seated Tandem - for people that can self-transfer from a wheelchair

If you can help or know someone else who might please contact Tom Hutton on 077 39796101 

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19