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Eastham CC Hub

Welcome to Eastham CC Hub homepage, who are an affiliated group of Cycling UK.

Our activities 
Family rides
Rides specifically designed for disabled people
About us 

Eastham CC Hub is led by volunteers. We recycle secondhand bikes that are donated to us. We support cycle rides linked to the local learning disability service, Wirral Evolutions http://www.wirralevolutions.org/. We maintain a fleet of adapted and regular two wheel bikes. The hub is based at the Eastham Centre which is on the Rake in Wirral.

We also offer learn to cycle sessions for families using Port Sunlight River Park. These are always very popular. For more information and bookings contact us here


  • refurbish/sell donated bikes
  • support bike rides for adults with disabilities
  • fleet maintenance
  • security marking
  • local cycle route maintenance
  • basic bike servicing
  • learn to ride for young families


  • Wirral Metropolitan Council
  • Autism Together
  • Wirral Evolutions
  • Community police (PCSO’s)
  • Local ward councillors
  • Wirral (council) Active Travel Forum
  • Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority
  • Merseyside Fire and Rescue
Download further information about the group rides 
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