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About us

Capital of Cycling is a coalition of cycling organisations, community groups and charities. We have run a cycling hub in the heart of Bradford centre on Hall Ings, opposite City Hall, next to The Bradford Hotel for the last five years.  We have recently moved our workshop and offices to Rawson Road, BD1 3SH.

We work to support and connect some of the fantastic cycling work, events and opportunities that are already going on in The District.  We have an indoor cycling track, maintenance stands with public drop-ins available, office space for Campaign work and more.  We host speaker events and cycling film screenings and many more activities.

Information about the group rides

We support a range of other local groups in their activities and can often signpost these.

The rides we run ourselves tend to be at the gentler end of the spectrum.  We're not focussed on elite sports - we're just trying to get as many people cycling for utility and fun as possible.

We also offer drop-in maintenance sessions and more.

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