York Cycle Campaign - 42 Ways to Transform York

Last night York Cycle Campaigns launched the '42 ways to transform York' campaign. It was very well attended and presented.

You may not necessarily cycle in the city very much or even be a cyclist, but these proposal/suggestions are the interests of all including drivers, the disabled, young people, walkers - in fact anyone who uses the city.

There's a lot of research work gone into this and I must say I was most impressed. Various councillors attended from all the main political persuasions and all were in agreement that there's a lot here for consideration and with local elections soon all seemed keen on bringing these issues up for discussion.

Please click on the link to see what's going on and please, do think about joining. A very well produced copy of the proposals are available from various locations and will also be available via this link soon.


Brian Davis (Secretary) CTC North Yorkshire