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Local cycling

Stevenage Cycleways

This video from 1979 shows Stevenage the way it was and how useful

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Emitremmus Desrever

Emitremmus Desrever is the local CyclingUK Stevenage groups celebration of the end of summertime and the route is essentially the reverse of the middle-distance Start of summertime route. In addition to this, from 2011 they also offer a shorter "Lite" version of the Emitremmus.

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Running time 7:09

Tour of the Cornfields

Tour of the Cornfields an off-road sportive, run since 2006. The event covers around 100km of byways, bridleways and lanes from the National Trust’s Wimpole Hall. The ride is now a classic with a low-key approach appreciated by the select few who ride it.

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Chicksands Bike Park

A local bike park with a variety of off road trails and coaching in the forest near Old Warden.

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Practical information

Tips to get your bike in shape

A video created by CyclingUK

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Cycle safety (junctions)

A safety video created by CyclingUK

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Fix that pothole

Find out where to report those pesky potholes

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Yoga for cyclists

Good relaxation and stretches for cyclists from CyclingUK

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Cyclists Special

Cycling nostalgia from British Transport Films

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Running time 15:27

The Flying Scotsman

A feature film based on world record holder Graham Obree

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Running time 2:52:00

A boy, a girl and a bike

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike is a 1949 British romantic comedy film. Young couple Sue (Honor Blackman) and Sam (Patrick Holt) are members of a Yorkshire cycling club, the ‘Wakeford Wheelers’. Romantic complications ensue when wealthy David (John McCallum) becomes smitten with Sue, and joins the club to pursue her, much to Sam's dismay.

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Fun stuff

Martyn Ashton – Roadbike Party

The things you can do with a road bike

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Running time 5:20

Jet bicycle

Creative craziness

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Running time 2:30

Penny farthing racers

British cyclist Mark Beaumont broke the British record for the longest distance ridden on a Penny Farthing in one hour but missed out on the world record.

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The Tour de France explained

An animated history and explanation of all you need to know about the Tour de France. One of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world.

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Running time 10:21

The Transcontinental Race


The Transcontinental Race is in its 6th year, the event is a gruelling, unsupported race designed for the ultra-endurance specialists.

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Running time 6:33

The oldest racer

The title gives you a hint! Mick Ives became the first pensioner to complete the Tour de France route in 2005. 

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Running time 5:10

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