Stevenage Skills Challenge

Stevenage Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge is a series of three mini-events that contribute to the winning of the Skills Challenge Trophy (for Herts CyclingUK members only). The event is traditionally organised the next year by the previous winner.

Event Information

The event is made up of the following three events:

Pace Judging - complete the same loop twice in opposite directions. The smallest difference in times wins this event.

Hill Climb - a straight-forward time trial to the top of a hill - fastest wins!

Freewheel - freewheel down a hill and the person who can get their bike the furthest wins.

Each of the three events is their own competition but only the master of all 3 events can win the trophy.

In each event, the person who performed the best in the particular event receives the most points, the least best the fewest; after all three events, the points are totalled and the gauntlet is passed to the winner who gets the honour of organising the event the following year!

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