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The Norwich Cycling Campaign exists to encourage and support the improvement of cycling facilities in Norwich. The group was formed in 1990

We campaign for better cycling infrastructure in Norwich. We are not some special sub-set of society called "cyclists", we are just people who get around by bicycle. Almost anyone can ride a bike, it's very cheap and probably the fastest way to get around the city. It's healthy, riding a bike is good exercise and it's a very enjoyable way to travel. The only real problem is caused by traffic and in particular cars. We need properly designed cycle tracks to keep riders separate from motor traffic, the sort of thing you'll see in many towns and cities in Europe and  increasingly in the UK.

Norwich has made a start, but a lot of what's been built over the past few years is below the standard we should expect. Mobility is the mark of a free society and everyone from the young to the old deserves the right to get where they want to go safely and independently.

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