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Marlpit Cycling Hub's aim is to encourage the use of bicycles for a wide range of purposes, rather than just sport and leisure activities,  and to promote greater use of the Marriott's Way cycle path, which runs behind the Marlpit Community Centre where the group is based. We aim to attract bike owners rather than cyclists per se to get their bikes out of store and use them to benefit themselves and the community at large.

To make this happen we plan to run training sessions for those who are nervous about riding in the city, and classes so that people are better able to look after their bicycles and get themselves out of difficulties like punctures and jammed chains. We also lead rides to encourage people to explore the area.

Through the generosity of a number of people we now have a collection of bicycles for training purposes, ranging from balance bikes for tots to adult bikes.

To find out more, visit the Marlpit Community Centre Facebook page or email

Marlpit Cycling Hub are a Cycling UK affiliated group. Their address is Marlpit Community Centre, Hellesdon Road, Norwich, NR6 5EG

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