Thank you for taking action to give everyone the freedom to move this election

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The next general election will take place on 4 July. It’s a crucial opportunity to make sure the next UK government understands the benefits of making cycling a safe and obvious choice for all

To reach as many prospective candidates as possible and share the vast benefits of investing in cycling and walking, please take a few seconds to spread the word using the buttons below to share our action with friends, family and colleagues.  

You can stay up to date with our general election campaign on our website. You can also stay in touch by following Cycling UK on Facebook or Twitter

Join the Cycle Advocacy Network (CAN) for more ideas about taking local action, including webinars and workshops, surgery advice sessions, as well as campaign suggestions to help you build momentum locally. 

Each year, thousands of people like you support our campaigns to achieve real change for people who cycle, and enable more people to cycle.  

To give people better transport choices, improve access to the outdoors, and get more people cycling with all the benefits that brings, please contribute today or become a member and be part of our vision. Together we can make a cycle friendly future.