12 nights out in 1 year: 2022 winning photos

May's winner @tonithetankengine
May's winner enjoyed 33 hours living off the bike
#12nightsoutin1 year is Cycling UK's year-long bikepacking challenge. Supported by OS Maps the charity is encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zone and explore their local area with an overnight stay

Cycling UK and OS Maps have joined forces in 2022 and are helping more people discover and enjoy the outdoors which exists right on their doorstep.

#12nightsoutin1year is a simple year-long outdoor challenge: entrants are encouraged to head out on their bike and experience a night beneath the stars, in a tent, bivi bag or hammock, at least once a month over the course of a year and to photograph their experiences.

May's winner @tonithetankengine

Each month, those who post their photos and experiences on Instagram using #12nightsoutin1year and tagging in Cycling UK and OS Maps will automatically be entered into a monthly competition to win a range of cycle and navigation related prizes.

You can have a great time no matter the weather

Bikepacking expert Katherine Moore

January's winner was Saoirse (@going.pottie), who kicked off the new year by combining a club ride with a night out in the New Forest. Bikepacking expert and #12nightsoutin1year judge Katherine Moore (@katherinebikes) loved this shot saying, "Love the idea of visiting our incredible new spread of British inclusive cycling communities and spending a night with each - what a fantastic resolution!"

Next up was Leanne (@blooming_wild_adventures) who shared fun snaps from her first experience of biking to sleep in a bothy. Our competition judge said, "You can just feel the community spirit in this entry, which comes in especially handy when you're adventuring in the winter. You're all in it together then!"

In March it was @highlandtigger who took the win for a photo of their cycle ride to a Scottish ruin. Head judge Katherine said, "A Scottish bike, a Scottish ruin and Scottish mountains on a gorgeous day, what's not to love?!"

April's winner was @tepid_bean who enjoyed their first solo night out by bike. Katherine Moore said, "A clear winner for me - go Maja for what looked like a spectacular location for a first solo overnighter."

Last but not least, @tonithetankengine was May's winner who shared their uplifting experience of a weekend away by bike with total strangers. Head judge Katherine said, "My personal favourite, so many lovely sentiments in this but especially the delightfully simple 'my cup is full', which feels very relatable after a night in the great outdoors!"

Our gallery shows the winners of 2022's challenge.