Discover the unique characteristics of Norfolk, Kent and Cornwall by bike

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore new places and connect intimately with the landscapes, history and culture of a region – not to mention fuelling up on local delicacies.

Cycling UK is one of 14 partners working on the EXPERIENCE project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to develop experiential tourism activities in six regions across England and France.

Discover new cycle hub locations across Norfolk, Kent and Cornwall, where you can stay at accredited Cycle Friendly Places and explore our promoted routes linking up the fascinating stories of each area.

Become a Cycle Friendly Place

Does your business go the extra mile to welcome cyclists? If you are based in Kent, Cornwall, or Norfolk, then our new accreditation scheme is for you.

Specially designed by Cycling UK, experts in leisure cycling, as part of the EXPERIENCE programme, Cycle Friendly Places accreditation will help you make the most of year-round tourism and meet the needs of visitors who are travelling by bike, 

It’s easy to apply; just complete the online form to assess what you already do for cycle visitors, and if you’re successful you’ll be accredited for free and receive a brilliant range of benefits.

More about the EXPERIENCE project

EXPERIENCE is a €23.3 million project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF, €16 million) through the Interreg VA France (Channel) England Programme 2014-2020, boosting visitor numbers in six pilot regions across England and France. This project will harness the experiential tourism trend to extend the season (October – March), generating 20 million new off-season visitors spending €1 billion across the Channel region by June 2023.

Cycling UK is one of 14 partners collaborating to deliver innovative and sustainable new off-season tourism experiences in six pilot regions in England and France.

We are working with six pilot regions (Brittany, Pas-de-Calais, Compiègne, Norfolk, Kent and Cornwall) to reinvent the way the economy, environment, communities and brands interact - focusing on sustainable, low-impact tourism activities to secure the future resilience of the region’s natural and cultural assets.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, the project has the potential to reinvigorate struggling industries and support sustainable economic redevelopment.