Winter Watch Party: Awesome women of MTB

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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Winter Watch Party: Awesome women of MTB


Mountain Bike Women Bonanza

We will be screening two short films showcasing mountain biking, wilderness and some of the glorious women who are expanding the frontiers of the sport. 

Ever wondered what cycling at high altitudes it like? Look no further, Mont Thabor follows World Champion, Manon Carpenter as she joins mountain bike guide Emily Horridge on Mont Thabor in France as they take on the peaks in a four-day challenge. 

These British heroes have travelled the world riding on the best trails, and the Q&A will unearth what it means to be a woman in Mountain Biking, the ways in which women can make a living from cycling, how the UK supports Mountain Biking, and what else it could do to improve trail access and openness to women.

In our second film, Becoming Ruby follows Brooklyn Bell, a black mountain biker from Washington, who carves a path for herself in a community where she often finds herself as the only non-white face in the group.

In the Q&A, we'll be discussing her alter ego "Ruby", an imaginary idol Brooklyn used to give herself permission to keep riding bikes, as well as talking about the similarities and differences between the UK and USA for non-white mountain bikers and why this conversation is still needed in 2021.


Mont Thabor

Becoming Ruby

Special guests

  • Manon Carpenter, 2015 downhill MTB world champion
  • Emily Horridge, mountain bike guide
  • Brooklyn Bell, mountain biker, artist, spokesperson for diversity and inclusivity in cycling
  • Aneela McKenna, mountain bike guide and corporate diversity educator


  • Tuesday 2 March, 7.00pm - 8.30pm 
  • Watch the inspiring film, and join the discussion with our special guests
  • Streamed on GoToWebinar (please register in advance)
  • Free to attend