Finding cycling inspiration with our Winter Watch Party

Photo: Charles Deluvio
Join us for a film festival experience, with incredible cycling films and panel discussions with inspirational guests, all from the comfort of your own home

As lockdown restrictions continue and we wait for the weather to improve, Cycling UK has the perfect tonic for connecting with your fellow cyclists: a Winter Watch Party!

Tune in to some fantastic films celebrating the liberation and joy of women’s cycling.

With four unique films to enjoy over three evenings, make yourself comfy, prepare to immerse yourself in a world of bikes, and open your mind with insightful Q&A sessions with star guests.

Winter Watch Party

Thursday 25 February: The greatest of all time

Commonly cited as one of cycling’s all-time greats, multiple national champion, seven times world champion, and record holder against both men and women, Beryl Burton set a standard that hasn’t been touched since.

Beryl Burton, Summer Calendar of Sport 1986 looks back at a life spent racing through the ’60s, ’70s and beyond, including a candid interview with Beryl herself amid a typical race day at her local TT.

The Q&A will delve into Beryl’s unique mindset, her physical achievements, the profile she gave to women’s cycling, recognition for women’s sport today and creating a healthy attitude towards cycling.


Calendar Summer Sport Special, 1986

Special guests

  • Denise Cole, daughter of Beryl Burton and cycling champion in her own right
  • William Fotheringham, author of Beryl’s recent biography The Greatest; The Times and Life of Beryl Burton
  • Isobel Best, author of Queens of Pain, which looks at women’s cycling champions through the ages




Tuesday 2 March: Mountain bike women bonanza

We will be screening two short films showcasing mountain biking, wilderness and some of the glorious women who are expanding the frontiers of the sport. 

Ever wondered what cycling at high altitudes is like? Look no further, Mont Thabor follows world champion Manon Carpenter as she joins mountain bike guide Emily Horridge on Mont Thabor, France, as they take on the peaks in a four-day challenge.

These British heroes have travelled the world riding on the best trails, and the Q&A will unearth what it means to be a woman in mountain biking, the ways in which women can make a living from cycling, how the UK supports mountain biking, and what else it could do to improve trail access and openness to women.

Becoming Ruby follows Brooklyn Bell, a Black mountain biker from Washington, who carves a path for herself in a community where she often finds herself as the only non-white face in the group.

In the Q&A, we’ll be discussing her alter ego ‘Ruby’, an imaginary idol Brooklyn used to give herself permission to keep riding bikes, as well as talking about the similarities and differences between the UK and USA for non-white mountain bikers and why this conversation is still needed in 2021.


Mont Thabor

Becoming Ruby

Special guests

  • Manon Carpenter, 2015 downhill MTB world champion
  • Emily Horridge, mountain bike guide
  • Brooklyn Bell, mountain biker, artist, spokesperson for diversity and inclusivity in cycling
  • Aneela McKenna, mountain bike guide and corporate diversity educator




Wednesday 10 March – Breaking cultural barriers to find female liberation at just 9 years old

Susan B Anthony said of the bicycle and women’s liberation: “I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.” If you find yourself questioned by those who argue that women’s cycling no longer needs its own spotlight, point them towards this award-winning film.

Wadjda follows a quietly determined young girl living in modern day Saudi Arabia, with her heart set on getting a bicycle. Bewildered by the world of grown-ups and division between the sexes, Wadjda offers an innocent and refreshing simplicity that reminds us that cycling should be for everyone.

The Q&A will feature guest speakers from London Muslim women’s cycling group Cycle Sisters and will cover how empowering cycling can be if made accessible to all.



Special guests

  • Khadiaj Zaidi and Cycle Sisters rider Zeenat Peerbocus