Puncture Repair Workshop

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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Puncture Repair Workshop


On Saturday 3rd July at 12:00, we'll be running a session to show you how to fix a puncture. It's important to us that people can look after themselves when out on the trails & roads around Windsor. We'll show you how to take a wheel out, check the tyre, swap the inner tube, & then how to patch it. You don't need to bring your bike, but it's ideal if you can, so we can give any tips needed to help remove wheels. The good news is that we won't puncture your tyres - we've got plenty of spare ones & wheels for you to practice on! We'll also tell you about the bits you need to carry fix a puncture at the roadside - & we'll have those bits on sale if you don't already have them.

We're a new community charity based at The Swan in Windsor. We have one simple goal: to make it easier for people to ride bikes in Windsor. 


9 Mill Lane
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The Swan, Mill Lane, Clewer, Windsor, SL4 5JG
With the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19 we advise you should follow your nations guidance