Going solo: The first step to your own adventure

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Women's Festival of Cycling

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Every journey starts somewhere. But sometimes taking that first step (or in our case, pedal turn) is the hardest. In our discussion "Going Solo" we´ll be helping to overcome fears of cycling alone and achieving what you want to achieve for you, by you.

We'll be joined by some of the UK's most impressive long-distance, solo cyclists have joined this panel to share their experience. Whilst cycling for 10 days on 2 hours of sleep per night in the wilderness is impressive and makes a great story, you need not worry - these heroes had to start as beginners too!

They'll be sharing tips they wish they could give to their former selves and breaking down barriers to inspire you to get out your door and go for a local ride by yourself, just you, your bike and the open road... 

Our expert guests: Wiesia Kuczaj, Emily Chappell, Katie Butler 

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  • Thursday 16 July, 14:00 
  • Streamed live on Facebook and Youtube
  • Free to attend

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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  • Thursday 16 July 2020 - 14:00