Annual General Meeting

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All large scale events, rides and group activity are cancelled
With the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19 we advise you should follow your nations guidance
Sunday, 28 March 2021

Annual General Meeting


Members are invited to attend our 'virtual' AGM. If members don't wish to attend the meeting but still wish to vote then they can do so by email, post and proxy.

Date: Sunday 28th March 2021

Time: 10:30 am

Cycling UK Lincolnshire will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Sunday 28th March 2021 at 10.30am. The meeting will be held ‘virtually’. We are pleased that our CEO Sarah Mitchell will be joining us on the meeting.

Please reply to if you wish to attend virtually and an ‘invitation link’ will be sent to you.


Cycling UK will be administering this meeting on our behalf using the Microsoft 'Teams' platform. On laptop / desktop computers you will NOT need to download any software, neither will you be required to become a 'Teams' member. Access the meeting by clicking on the invitation link (obtainable on request) and use the “Continue on this browser” option, whereupon a screen opens to allow you to “join now” as a guest. On mobiles, you WILL need to download the Microsoft 'Teams' app first, but again, you will NOT be required to become a 'Teams' member. It's just a case of clicking on the invitation link (obtainable on request) and when a new screen opens, “Join as a Guest”. In all instances, you will temporarily be held in a 'lobby' until you are let in to the meeting by a Cycling UK representative.

The official business of the AGM is to receive and, if approved, adopt the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts; elect officers and a Committee; elect an honorary Member Group Auditor and consider any Notices of Motion (submitted in writing at least seven days before the meeting).

Please indicate if you:

A) wish to be nominated for any of the positions / roles within the Committee

B) wish to vote for the current officers and committee members to be re-elected ‘en bloc’.

*Note: to be eligible to vote or hold office, you need to be a full Cycling UK member. Your name and membership number will be required*

Officers and Members of the Cycling UK Lincolnshire Committee.

Candidates for Election:


1. CHAIR: Tim Newbery

2. SECRETARY: Andrew Townhill

3. TREASURER: Barry Jordan



2. WELFARE OFFICER: Trevor Halstead



1. CAMPAIGNS OFFICER: Melanie Carroll



1. PRESIDENT(Honorary): Trevor Halstead

2. AUDITOR (Honorary): Flora Forster

*All those currently in post are willing to be re-elected and remain in post*

How to vote:

1. By attending the virtual meeting (invitation link will be supplied on request)

2. By Email:

3. By Post: Tim Newbery, 7a Linden Walk, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 9HT

4. By Proxy: If you cannot attend the AGM, you may still vote by appointing a proxy. A proxy vote is written authorisation given by you for someone else to vote on your behalf. As a member of Cycling UK you are entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise your right to vote at the AGM. You can either appoint the Chair of the meeting to vote on your behalf, or name a specific person. Then you can either leave the vote to the discretion of your proxy or direct your proxy how to vote. To appoint the Chair of the meeting please provide your name and membership number. To appoint a different proxy, please provide your proxy’s name and membership number.

You will need to agree to the following statement:

“I, being a member of Cycling UK, hereby appoint the Chair of the Meeting (or the person named) as my proxy to vote for me and on my behalf throughout the Annual General Meeting of Cycling UK Lincolnshire to be held on Sunday 28th March 2021 and at any adjournment thereof”.

7A Linden Walk
LN11 9HT
United Kingdom
7a Linden Walk, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 9HT

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