Tread on Armadillos

I have Specialized Armadillo tyres on my own and my wife’s road bikes, and our Claud Butler tandem. I can boast of puncture-free riding over many miles. However, I’ve had four Armadillos that have shed their tread. I have not recorded the actual mileage but there appears to be plenty of tread left and I ride with correct pressures. My complaints to the retailer have been met with blank faces.

David Moseley

A In this type of construction, the tread is not glued to the carcass but vulcanised under pressure and heat to make the rubber form a bond with the carcass fabric. It appears that the tread formed only a tenuous bond with what looks like the anti-puncture belt underneath. Synthetic threads such as Nylon may need a special coating to promote bonding. In any case, the tread should not separate from the carcass in such a manner. The tyre has failed prematurely and you should demand a replacement.

Richard Hallett

​​Cycle’s Technical Editor

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