Mounting & dismounting

At the age of 84, I can cycle well enough but I’m having trouble getting on and off my bike easily. I’ve considered a step-through Dutch roadster but they generally have a limited range of gears. I’ve lowered my carrier and my saddle to get more clearance. Maybe there’s a simple solution that I’ve overlooked?

Maurice George

The obvious solution is a well-equipped step-through. You could build a new bike around a step-through frame – either off-the-peg such as the Thorn Sherpa or custom-built – using components that give you the required gearing range. Or you could buy a “ladies’” touring bike such as the Dawes Galaxy Cromo Ladies.

The editor suggests trying a dropper seatpost, as used in mountain biking. A dropper seatpost descends rather like a variable-height office chair, then returns to its original height at the push of a button. It’s used for riding downhill on a mountain bike but for you could move the saddle out of the way until you are aboard and riding.

Richard Hallett

​​​Cycle’s Technical Editor

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