Look out Keo!

I learned something new yesterday: Look Keo pedals with chromoly axles made in 2004-5 were the subject of a manufacturer’s safety recall in 2008 in order to have improved spindles fitted. I don’t remember reading or hearing about this at the time but numerous websites now reveal the information.

I was prompted to look because, while climbing a local 1-in-6 hill (off the saddle) my right hand Keo Sprint pedal, still attached to my foot, suddenly parted from the crank and hit the road, causing me to swerve to the right. The pedal spindle had sheared 18mm from the crank. Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic and I stayed upright.

The pedal was manufactured in September 2005 according to the date stamped on the underside. It was in good condition and had not been grounded while cornering. I am 64 and 10.5 stones so unlikely to be able to put high stress levels on my machine’s transmission. I can only conclude that the recall was based on a prediction of spindle fracture in normal use.

Since the Keo model was popular, I suspect that there will still be many older ones in service. I would strongly suggest that users of old Keos check the date stamp and stop using any made within the relevant period that have not had new spindles fitted. I do not know whether Look dealers are still fitting new spindles under the recall procedure. I’ve decided that it is time to buy a new pair.

Howard Bannister

It is not unusual for products to be recalled in the USA only. You may speculate as to the reasons for this, I cannot possibly comment. Be aware that your local dealer may not get any pedal replacement joy from their supplier, either because it’s US-only or too long ago.

Chris Juden


This was first published in the December 2014 / January 2015 edition of CTC's Cycle magazine.