Free Parable: Gorilla Cage

The Gorilla Cage is a super-sized version of the Monkii, the detachable Velcro-and-Nylon bottle cage that’s a more secure and adaptable alternative to a standard bottle cage.

It mounts to the triple fork eyelets appearing on an increasing number of adventure-oriented MTBs and touring bikes, or to a two-eyelet bottle mount. For bikes that lack the necessary braze-ons there’s an optional mounting clip (£10.50). The Gorilla, which weighs 70g, is rated up to 1.5kg and works best with light but bulky items stuffed into a drybag.

I’ve used a pair on my Genesis Fortitude MTB to carry a winter sleeping bag, a bivvy bag, a tarp and a sleeping mat. Weight is kept low to the ground so the effect on handling is minimal, and everything was held securely.

Designed primarily for weight-conscious bikepackers, the Gorilla would also work well on the long stem of a Brompton or other small-wheeled folders.

Jack Thurston

This was first published in the April / May 2015 edition of Cycling UK's Cycle magazine.


  • More durable than metal cages
  • Lightweight



  • Optional clip won’t suit all forks




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