Review: Carradice Bikepacking Seatpack

Large, durable bikepacking bag that doesn’t sag or sway, Liz Colebrook reviewed the Carradice Bikepacking Seatpack

Carradice Bikepacking Seatpack £90

If you own a luggage rack and panniers, you may not give this handcrafted seatpack a second glance. But if you want something lighter (some racks tip the scales at nearly 1kg) or if your bike isn’t designed to take one, Carradice have a typically smart solution. In a nutshell: capacity 12-16L; weight 335g; choice of three colours; anti-sway bracket that attaches to your saddle rails; and a day-glow internal liner for extra wet-weather protection.

Carradice have been making bags for bicycles since 1930. They’re based in Nelson, Lancashire, and every bag now has a label inside signed by the person who made it. (Thank you for making this one, Zaneta!)

To avoid faff when fitting the seatpack, Carradice include a stainless support weighing 200g. This makes the seatpack quick to take on/off, super stable, and keeps the load away from the rear tyre even on small frames. The underside has a wipe-clean panel that acts as a mudguard.

The pack can be rolled down fully for minimal cargo, or filled to capacity with an extra strap provided to compress heavier loads (up to 6kg). A lightweight, daisy-chain, multiple-hook system means you can adjust capacity to suit. Rear light attachment? There are three loops, so one of them will be in the right spot.

There are two seatpack features unique to Carradice: ample use of 3M reflective strip for side and rear visibility; and up-cycled innertube lining the Velcro strap where it meets the seatpost, for extra grip and minimal chaffing. There’s an elasticated cargo net for stuff you want stashed on the outside, e.g. damp clothing.

Anyone who’s owned a Carradice bag will know how durable they are. Here, 1000-denier military grade Cordura is used. If you do ever need a repair, I’ve always found Carradice go above and beyond, even if you’ve had the bag for decades.


Robust, size-adjustable, and intelligently designed. The support bracket and dry-bag included in the price make this excellent value. It gets my vote.

Other options

Alpkit Koala £74.99

Two sizes (7L or 13L), three colours, three fabric types. Exorail attachment is an optional extra as is a 10L dry-bag liner. 

Apidura Backcountry £118+

Two sizes: 4.5L, and 6L. Top notch all-weather fabric. Support bracket sold separately so needs plenty of seatpost for stability without.