Cycle Friendly Employer

The Cycle Friendly Employer award is the international benchmark for active travel culture and infrastructure in the workplace. It shows the world that when it comes to climate change and staff well-being, your business means business
How it works

Entrants are judged on their cycle-friendly culture, infrastructure and policies to achieve a gold, silver or bronze award. Successful nominees access bespoke, ongoing support from Cycling UK and join our prestigious network of cycle friendly employers.

Our accredited businesses are putting their staff and the environment first. We know many of you are too, and we’d love to see that recognised.  


1. Complete your self-assessment

Take our free and easy self assessment. In just 12 minutes, you can show us the ways you support your staff to cycle. We’ll decide if you’re eligible and take it from there. 

You can expect to be asked questions on things like:

  • Cycle storage facilities
  • Communication and incentives around cycling
  • Objectives to increase workplace active travel


2. Your site audit With your self assessment complete, eligible businesses will undergo an onsite or virtual audit. Our expert auditors will assess your facilities and communications against your self assessment answers and provide you with a detailed development report.

We recognise that workplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you will only be assessed against the measures you can deliver.

The report highlights the positive steps you’ve taken, and suggests further improvements for you to keep the wheels turning towards a cycle friendly future.


3. Receiving your accreditation With the audit complete, your accreditation will be confirmed with a bronze, silver or gold award.

As an officially accredited Cycle friendly employer, you'll access:

  • A wall plaque for display on your premises
  • A schedule of exclusive content to engage your staff and promote cycling throughout the calendar year
  • A digital marketing and PR toolkit to showcase your achievement

Plus you’ll be connected with a network of the most cycle friendly employers across Europe. 

Complete your self-assessment

Take the self assessment now and find out how your company is performing, and start your journey towards becoming a cycle friendly employer.

The free online form will take no more than 12 minutes to complete and will provide a benchmark for your business.

If you're unsure of the answer to a question, answer no and we will be able to adjust this with you if necessary in the audit process.

What makes an employer cycle friendly?



Create a thriving culture by promoting cycling throughout your organisation 

  • Boost confidence with events and workplace challenges like Bike Week and Car Free Day 
  • Build enthusiasm by starting a cycle group at work
  • Ensure your cycle parking, lockers and shower facilities are easily put to use by prioritising cyclists in your on-site signage and website.



  • Secure cycle parking facilities 
  • Lockers, showers
  • Pool bikes 

Find out how some of our accredited business are encouraging cycle friendly infrastructure.



  • Save your business and your colleagues money with the Cycle to Work Scheme 
  • Flexible working hours can boost cycling uptake by enabling your cyclists to travel in on quiet roads
  • Liability insurance for peace of mind and protection

Our how to guides provide information on how to implement cycle friendly policies.