Group leader

Group leader

Learn the skills to lead a group ride on road, paths and byways
Course outcomes 

During the course you will:

  • Learn how to assess participants and boost their confidence
  • Try different approaches to ride leading
  • Learn about route planning
  • Develop ways to assess and manage risk, and deal with incidents if they do happen
  • Review and reflect on your rides
Key content 

By the end of this course you will have experience in managing a group of inexperienced riders through traffic.


Skill level 
Confident to ride on roads in traffic
Roads and traffic-free routes

The group leader course is aimed at cyclists who have experience riding with groups and would like to share their enthusiasm of cycling with others. Those attending the course must understand and meet the pre-requisites for it, and have read the terms and conditions for course attendance.

To be ready to both take and pass the course, participants will need to:

  • Be able to ride a minimum of five miles
  • Be confident riding on the road both in a group and independently*               
  • Be able to control a cycle steadily
  • Be able to use the brakes safely and start and stop riding in a controlled manner
  • Be able to turn corners in a controlled manner and manoeuvre the cycle safely
  • Be able to look over both shoulders while controlling the cycle
  • Be able to take hands off handle bar to indicate that they’re turning, both for left and right, while controlling the cycle
  • Have an understanding of how gears work, how to change gear and which gears are suitable for varying inclines and descents and so on
  • Have a high enough fitness level to match the intended rides
  • Be age 18 or above

*If your group only rides on traffic-free roads, then confidence riding on these is sufficient


As your next step, you might want to consider taking either the Club Leader or Tour Leader courses.

First aid

  • 1-day first aid in the outdoors
  • 2-day first aid in the outdoors

Both courses have been developed to be cycle and outdoor specific.

Group size 
Maximum number of attendees: 7 / Minimum number of attendees: 5
Full course £877
1 day