Course booking terms and conditions

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We aim to provide courses of the highest calibre, creating confident and competent leaders who can bring the joy of cycling to people across the UK and the world.

Booking conditions

Booking your place on a Cycling UK course is a bit like booking a holiday. It is a contract between you and Cycling UK to each do what we say we will do. Some of the key sections of the booking conditions comprise, in brief:

  • You should fulfil the course pre-requisites. It is your responsibility to verify these. Course pre-requisites are shown on the related course webpage. 
  • You may change, cancel or amend your place on a course up until 4 weeks prior to the course start.
  • Once your course is in less than 4 weeks, you are committed to paying for your course. This condition remains, should you be unable to attend for significant reasons (e.g. medical, bereavement), you will be able to claim your course costs (less any excess) through a suitable insurance (e.g. travel insurance) you may have.
  • Where you are concerned about any losses which may be incurred in such a situation, it is your responsibility to arrange your own suitable insurance.
  • If booking less than 4 weeks prior to your course, you are committed from the point of booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the booking conditions prior to booking.
  • Occasionally, due to circumstances outside of our control, a course may not run. Cycling UK will provide you with as much notice as possible, with a minimum of 7 days' notice, excepting force majore.
  • Cycling UK's qualifications require achievement of certain standards, around which the courses are built. Where all of these requirements are not met during your course, you will be required to provide further evidence or attend part or all of a future course. This may involve additional fees.
  • For full terms see below

Please note that the booking staff are not able to answer technical queries about courses.

Confirming your place

When we get your application, we will:

  • Initially send you an email confirming your booking.
  • Send a second confirmation email with a link to your pre-course information.
  • As soon as your course reaches its minimum delegate numbers, you will be sent a third email which confirms the course is going ahead.

Please ensure that you receive all three of these emails before arranging any accommodation or travel. Of course, it is always worth double checking your spam folder too!

Where you have booked on an open course, you can also access pre-course information at our downloads page.


Full Terms

Your course booking will need to adhere to the below conditions. If you have any concerns or questions about these, please contact Cycling UK Training.

Trainee requirements

  1. You must read, understand and agree with the following details
  2. You must self verify that you fulfil the course pre-requisites. These are detailed on the relevant course webpage
  3. You should be capable of independently and without guidance, safely riding a suitable bike in the circumstances and conditions which might be expected in the local area and in the terrain appropriate to your chosen course.  For road courses this may involve traffic, road furniture and busy roads.  For off-road courses this may involve road riding, traffic and terrain appropriate to the level of the course, as outlined under our Terrain Definitions
  4. You must provide a suitable and appropriate mountain bike or road cycle, helmet (for all off-road courses), clothing and other equipment, which is safe, and of appropriate condition for the intended riding, other activities in the area and environment of the course and during the weather conditions that might occur during the course. Rides on different days are planned. See the Equipment page for more
  5. You must attend the course in its entirety in order to provide appropriate opportunities to complete the required elements of the qualification
  6. You must be over 18 to achieve any Cycling UK Leader or Instructor Award
  7. You accept that neither Cycling UK or the venue are liable for any damage, injury, loss or otherwise incurred elements as a result of, or in connection with the principle, operation or running of Cycling UK courses and qualifications, provision of venue facilities or the course applied for
  8. If at any time prior to or during the course, you act in such a way as to endanger yourself or others, or have disregard for the local area, the public, the venue or Cycling UK, Cycling UK and the venue reserve the right to remove you from the course. In this case, you forfeit any refund or other financial return
  9. You are sufficiently fit and able to complete the course, and agree to complete a medical form and to inform the venue, Cycling UK and their staff of any medical conditions you have that are known to you

Course content

  1. Please see the relevant course information for your course at the appropriate webpage
  2. Where the course is an integrated training and assessment course, it will provide the information and help develop the skills you require to be competent. You are still required to apply those skills correctly during your course in order to complete the qualification
  3. The National Standard Instructor course provisionally accredits you. In order to gain full accreditation you will need to arrange a Post Course Assessment with the Cycling UK.
  4. Where your course is a training course, it will not assess you as competent in all the elements of the qualification. To be assessed as competent, you should, subsequent to the training course, successfully complete an assessment course. You are expected to provide evidence of your personal and leading experience prior to an assessment through a logbook portfolio, where required
  5. Not all of the content of your qualification may be covered during a training course, although written information of all areas will be provided. You will be provided with documentation with such information. You are expected to research, understand and be able to apply independently, those aspects not covered during the training course
  6. Where your course includes assessment, it is your responsibility to apply good practice as demonstrated, during the course to achieve the qualification, and subsequently. You will need to complete all elements to the standard required in order to be qualified
  7. Where required, any future re-assessment of any element of the qualification not completed during the course itself, whether via paper or electronic submission, verbal or attendance at all or part of a future course may be chargeable at the current pro-rata rate
  8. Your course will evaluate your practice at the time of the course. It is your responsibility to maintain good practice as demonstrated during your course, in future activities. This will help ensure both you and your participants continue to enjoy good cycling and mountain biking opportunities
  9. Your course will provide relevant and appropriate good and best practice at the time of you attending. It remains your responsibility to maintain continuous professional development and to keep up to date with changes to good practice activities.  It is also you responsibility to maintain a record of your activities to prove your ongoing professional application of your course.

Venue and accommodation

  1. ‘Residential’ means that included within the costs of the course is shared room accommodation at the venue (meals may or may not be included). Should you have any special dietary requirements, please inform Cycling UK on applying
  2. ‘Non-residential’ means no food or accommodation is provided as part of the course. Where others are staying on a residential basis and food is being provided by the venue, non-residential does include within the costs of the course, two evening meals. Please see your venue information for clarification.
  3. ‘Other’ accommodation means self-catering or other arrangement as outlined on the relevant venue information for your venue and course option
  4. The quality of the accommodation provided is reflected in the course cost (i.e. the price difference between residential and non-residential courses). Our venues are selected based on their location for course delivery and suitable riding. Accommodation quality is further down the list or priorities, though of course, it will always be clean and safe
  5. Any transport which may be required during the course is separate to the course itself. Cycling UK accepts no liability where you use either the transport provided, or your own transport.

Financial and Insurance

  1. Your place on the course is only secured once your application has been received and your place has been paid for
  2. You should ensure that, for the event of cancellation or amendment for whatever reason, your course fee and incurred costs are covered by your own appropriate insurance

Cancellations and Transfers

Where you are unable to attend the course applied for and inform Cycling UK with 4 weeks notice or more, the following applies:

  1. Your place can be transferred to another appropriate applicant at no additional cost, provided they contact Cycling UK's booking line and book on as normal
  2. Your place can be transferred to another course. Any differences between course costs will be charged or refunded as appropriate
  3. You may cancel your place at no cost

Where you are unable to attend the course applied for and inform Cycling UK with less than 4 weeks notice, the following applies:

  1. No refund will be made from Cycling UK for changes or amendments to your booking. Should you hold appropriate insurance, your course costs (less any relevant excess) may be reclaimed through your own insurance scheme directly
  2. Cycling UK may, under very defined circumstances, consider discretionary partial or complete course cost refund

There may, due to unforeseen circumstances, weather or climatic conditions or insufficient applicant numbers, be occasions when courses have to be cancelled by Cycling UK or the venue. In such cases, the following will apply:

  1. Cycling UK will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible.
  2. Where courses are cancelled due to insufficient numbers, we will endeavour to provide at least 7 days notice
  3. You will receive a full refund, or be transferred to another mutually agreed course, where any difference in course cost is refunded by Cycling UK or the venue, or provided by the candidate as appropriate
  4. Neither Cycling UK nor the venue will be liable for any loss, financial or otherwise as a result of cancellation of the course

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