Community Cycle Clubs

A diverse group of cyclists is cycling around a park. They are wearing matching red T-shirts and are on a variety of cycles.
Community Cycle Clubs are at the heart of our programme to bring about sustained change and to encourage more people to cycle. We have more than 120 diverse clubs across England and Scotland, which have engaged with more than 50,000 people

What is a Community Cycle Club?

A Community Cycle Club (CCC) is a group of people who come together to cycle for whatever purpose they choose. They run in all sorts of places including with older people’s groups, youth groups, workplaces, refugee charities, mosques and veterans’ groups. People who joined a CCC reported they were cycling more often, starting to meet physical activity guidelines and feeling healthier, happier and better connected to their communities.

The programme connects individuals to their community to build social networks, feel well and enjoy being active by cycling. Their aim could be to reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing, develop skills and education, or just have fun.

Cycling UK development officers work with clubs to establish and increase the club’s skills, capacity and confidence. This helps ensure activities are led to a high standard by safe and qualified leaders and can better engage with a wider audience.

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