Too Close For Comfort

Ever feel overtaking cars are too close for comfort? Using an immersive 'exchanging places' virtual reality film, we're taking innovative action to put an end to close passing - but we need your help.

For the two million people who cycle every day, close passes are an almost daily occurrence.

Close passes are not only really intimidating, but also dangerous: police attribute "passing too close to the cyclist" as a contributory factor in a staggering 25% of serious collisions between cyclists and large vehicles.

Last year, 970 people reached into their pockets to support the production of our ‘close pass mats’, enabling police forces from Scotland to Surrey, Wales to West Yorkshire and Belfast to Brighton to run ‘close pass’ operations, with plain clothes officers on bikes identifying dangerous passes and using the close pass mats to educate drivers on the importance of leaving at least 1.5m when overtaking.   

Building on the huge success of this project, Cycling UK has now developed an innovative new tool empowering police to change driver behaviour through a virtual reality (VR) educational experience, but we need your help to make it a happen!



While every cyclist knows the horrible feeling of a dangerous close pass, many drivers don’t – and from inside their car they may simply not realise the risk they’re posing to the cyclist.  

Now, Cycling UK’s innovative 360° VR ‘Too Close For Comfort’ film will put drivers ‘in the saddle’, experiencing a close pass from a cyclist’s perspective and ensuring that every driver knows that feeling of a dangerous close pass, even if they never cycle.  

Police forces running close pass operations have already told us that this will be a hugely impactful tool to help change driver behaviour – but we can’t get it to them without your help.

We’re hoping to raise £15,000 to enable us to provide the film free of charge to every UK police force to ensure it has the maximum impact nationwide, but also supply VR headsets for viewing the film to every single force. 


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That means that when they pull over a driver for a close pass they’ll not only give them a verbal explanation of safe passing, but the driver will get to experience a close pass through virtual reality, as well as a demonstration of a safe overtake. 

And your contributions won’t stop there, as £15,000 will allow us to make the film accessible free of charge to absolutely anyone in the world!

Whether you’re a local cycling campaigner running a village stall, a driving instructor with a new pupil or an employer encouraging safe driving amongst staff, these funds will make sure anyone has access to the film, creating what could easily become the widest reaching road safety educational tool ever. 

With two million people cycling the UK, we need only 1500 giving £10 to make this happen, so please consider giving whatever you can today!

Please visit our Too Close For Comfort Kickstarter page today and help us put an end to close passes today!


Support our kickstarter campaign