Action on lorries

Cycling UK believes that the danger and intimidation from lorries, especially in urban areas, has to be tackled now.
  • Although lorries are involved in relatively few collisions with cyclists, those that do occur are disproportionately likely to prove fatal.
  • National and local government should take steps to regulate the use of lorries in areas that are busy with cyclists and pedestrians. Exemptions should be made only for specific journeys that clearly cannot be made in other ways or at other times, and should require the use of safe lorry designs, fleets and drivers.
  • National and local government, lorry manufacturers and operators should collaborate to promote safe lorry designs and equipment, especially ‘direct vision’ cabs, which enable drivers to see what is around them as easily as bus drivers can.
  • Enforcement processes should be strengthened to take unsafe drivers and operators off the roads, targeting the least compliant. 

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