Fund-raising Santa Ride for Fylde Bike It

Join us for the Santa Ride
Buoyed by getting a permanent home at Park View in Lytham, in a container provided through ICC funding, the Fylde Bike It community group has arranged a fund-raising Santa Ride. So if you live on the Fylde Coast, pop and along and join the fun on 20 December at 11am.

Fylde Bike it is a newly-established Inclusive Cycling Offer on the Fylde coast. They are based in a lovely park, with a fantastic cafe, called Park View playing fields in Queen Elizabeth II Park. They have recently become the proud owners of their own storage container and so no longer have to pay rental for one which reduced their overheads considerably.

They ran some well-received introductory sessions during the warmer months thanks to a loan of bikes from CTC and Cycling Projects to enhance their fleet of three trikes. So now during the quieter winter months they have decided to put their time and energy to good use and run a Charity Santa Ride to raise funds for some more bikes of their own. They have a bit more funding from the ICC project and some from a local community fund and are looking to get some bikes to enable children with SEN and their families to enjoy cycling.

However, they still need funding to add some key equipment to their fleet such as:

  • a quad – for people with balance issues;
  • various size striders – for small children to learn to ride;
  • a trike tandem – for people that need extra stability and a pilot to help them ride;
  • a Side-by-side tandem – for people that need extra stability and a pilot next to them to reassure them; and
  • a wheelchair transporter – for wheelchair users that cannot self-transfer.

It's a fairly expensive shopping list and they are realistic about the cost and time scales for achieving this but you have to start somewhere and they are starting at Park View on the 20 December at 11am with their fabulous Santa Ride. They are leading a ride from Park View to Fairhaven Lake and back and want as many people as possible to come along dressed as Santa - there is a prize for the best-dressed one - adults' and children's categories!

So if you live on the Fylde Coast or nearby, why not pop along and have some fun? If you are a ride leader, I know they would love your help so, if you are free and can assist, give me a call on 07766403220 or email Check out the Fylde Bike it website for a poster or two that you can download, print and display to help promote the event

See you there and don't forget your Santa suit, tinsel and glittery bits!