Elections 2022: toolkit for cycle campaigners out now

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Politicians, local and national, are not always clear on just how popular measures to encourage active travel are. But what better time than the elections to convince them that this is a vote-winner? Cycling UK's campaigns information officer, Cherry Allan explains how

With elections due for local authorities in Scotland, Wales and parts of England, and for the National Assembly in Northern Ireland on 5 May, it's time for all cycling advocates to call on decision-makers to step up, be bold, carefully plan and speedily deliver the cycle lanes and safe cycling infrastructure we all need.


  • How about taking your candidates for a bike ride to show them what needs to change in your neighbourhood?
  • What about hosting a hustings and grilling them all?
  • Up for a stunt to catch their eyes and draw in the media?
  • But how do you handle the media - papers, radio, TV and Twitter?
  • How do you keep up the momentum, organise and focus your campaigning now and in the future?

Our new toolkit for local campaigners, specially published for the elections coming up on 5 May 2022, is here to help:



If you're looking for something you can do right now to encourage change for active travel in your local area, consider signing our petition.


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