Shubnam Suleman

Cycle influencer

Shubnam Suleman

Digital cycling champion

Having recently learnt to cycle, Shubnam Suleman, a former headteacher, has been embracing both the health and environmental benefits for cycling. Advised to start cycling to assist with arthritic pain in her knee, she quickly realised how beneficial cycling was to her knee and her perimenopausal symptoms.  

Shubnam wants to inspire women in the Muslim community and anyone who is a reluctant cyclist to venture out of their comfort zones. 

As one of Cycling UK's digital champions promoting women's cycling, Shubnam’s cycling goal is to cycle from her home to green spaces around London, and use her bike instead of the car for shopping and other chores.

Shubnam Suleman said…

“Having worked as a senior leader in schools I know too well how cycling can help communities become both mentally and physically healthier.”