Big Bike Revival 2022

The Big Bike Revival 2022 is focusing on teaching skills and leading bike rides. If your organisation wants to be involved apply for a grant of up to £3,000. Grants can be spent on equipment to expand capacity, venue hire for learn events or instructors to lead bike rides
What's the Big Bike Revival all about?

We've seen an increase in demand for learn and led-ride events and are therefore predominantly focusing on delivering learning and riding opportunities.

If you're able to offer a majority of these event types, join us and apply to deliver the programme today. To help you prepare your delivery plan, consult our quick event guides which explain the basic outline of each event type including tips and tricks on how to inspire and sustain a change in cycling behaviour.

To support partners to develop their services, grants can be used to purchase equipment to expand delivery, fund venue hire to host learning sessions and employ instructors to lead local rides.

Please consult the application guidance for full details on eligible costs and expenditure.

Who benefits from the Big Bike Revival?

The Big Bike Revival programme is for people returning to cycling, or those starting as a complete beginner. In other words, it’s for people who do not cycle on a regular basis.

It's all about engaging the programme's target audience; people with social, economic and health needs; people from diverse backgrounds; people facing multiple challenges.

Meet our Cycling Heroes who have benefited from the Big Bike Revival programme.

Who can apply?

Delivery partners are typically volunteer led-groups, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises that are rooted in local communities and working to address a range of local needs.

They are experienced in engaging with non-regular cyclists and people in need in terms of social, economic and health deprivation.

What events do I need to deliver?

Our FIX-LEARN-RIDE events model is evidence-based; the three pillars represent the types of events that typically encourage people to change their behaviour and cycle more.

Our one-page event quick guides are based on; fixing bikes, teaching cycle and maintenance skills, and taking people on led bike rides on local routes. Use these to help you plan events that predominantly focus on learning and riding opportunities.

Where should I deliver the programme?

Anywhere locally in the community, ensuring events are accessible to everyone. We recommend locations with high footfall, choosing venues in the community or using your workshop to host.

When going out into the community you could choose outdoor green spaces, busy town centres, local fetes, fairs or market days.      

When do I need to deliver the programme?

The delivery period begins on 2 May and lasts until 31 October 2022.

Can I apply for grant funding to deliver the programme?

Small grants of up to £3,000 are available to support the delivery of your events. All costs associated with Grant requests are subject to a review process, approval criteria and terms and conditions. 

Grant application process

How do I apply?

Big Bike Revival applications open in April 2022.

I have more questions

If you have any questions contact the Big Bike Revival team.

Alternatively, you can contact your local cycling development officer (CDO) with any questions:

Richard Andrews Norfolk
Sarah Cheadle Kent
Michelle Smith West Midlands - Black Country
Sarah Chmiel Hampshire
Nik Hughes Suffolk
Chris Tyson London
Ellen Holmes Greater Manchester
Nadeem Shan Sheffield
Vanessa Morris Birmingham
Magdalena Cichocka Liverpool City region
Lisa Swallow Essex
Fozia Naseem West Yorkshire
Lauren Baker East Midlands
Jordan Matthews North East of England
Phoebe Parker Plymouth
Laura Howarth Blackpool