Whistleblowing policy

Cycling UK Board of Trustees regularly review our Whistleblowing policy to reflect any changes in legislation

It is important to Cycling UK that any fraud, bribery, misconduct or wrongdoing by staff members, volunteers or others working on behalf of Cycling UK are reported and properly addressed. Cycling UK therefore encourages all individuals to raise any concerns that they may have about the conduct of others within and associated with the organisation or the way in which the organisation is run.

The use of the Whistleblowing policy and procedure should be considered where there is a reasonable belief that:

  • a criminal offence has been committed, is being committed, or is likely to be committed;
  • a person has failed, is failing, or is likely to fail to comply with their legal obligations;
  • a miscarriage of justice has occurred, is occurring, or is likely to occur;
  •  the health and safety of any individual has been, is being, or is likely to be endangered; • the environment has been, is being or is likely to be damaged; and
  • concealment of any of the above is being, has been, or is likely to be, committed.

Our Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure outlines the background and principles of the policy and the relevant procedure for staff and volunteers and disclosure form.