What would get you on your bike in and around Newport?

How would you improve transport in South East Wales, making it easier for people to move around by cycling or walking? Cycling UK's Gwenda Owen explains that you’ve got until Tuesday 31 March to have your say.

Having your say only takes a few minutes: click on the interactive map, pick your area and then answer three simple questions. You can focus entirely on cycling, or comment on walking, public transport and wider transport issues if you prefer.

Following the decision not to build the M4 relief road, we may just see the investment needed to get many more people cycling, walking and using public transport.

The South East Wales Transport Commission, set up following that decision, are looking for suggestions for "reducing congestion and improving travel across the region to make it a better place to live, work and visit".

Could this be a "new beginning for cycling in Newport" as our Policy Director Roger Geffen has suggested? When giving evidence at the enquiry that led to the decision, he stressed that building a new road was not the solution to transport problems in South East Wales

Cycling UK campaigner Hugh Mackay, in his evidence to the Burns Commission on behalf of  CALM, (Campaign Against the Levels Motorway) has made some excellent suggestions about the role cycling can play.

Hugh believes that we need to "develop a comprehensive cycle and walking network throughout Newport, linking areas of housing with schools, hospitals, railway stations, the bus station, leisure centres and other facilities."  

Other suggestions Hugh makes are; more cycle stands, incentivising the take-up of e-bikes, introducing a cycle hire scheme and working with schools to encourage and enable cycling.

Many of us have a little more time on our hands at the moment, so why not see what suggestions others have made said and add your ideas to them?

Also, if you have friends and family who don’t currently cycle, why not share this with them so they can suggest changes which may get them cycling too?

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