Seeking a small spider

My new bike is fitted with an Alfine 11-speed hub and a TA Carmina double chainset with 7½-inch cranks and 34-40 tooth chainwheels; 34 is the smallest that can be fitted on this spider. On trial in hilly Bristol, I find I need a lower bottom gear. Can you tell me if there is such a thing as a 30-40 tooth double chainset with 7½-inch cranks? If so, where can I find it?

David Miller

Double chainsets with a PCD smaller than 110mm are rare, and those available with really long crank arms vanishingly so. Only one option immediately presents itself: TA, distributed in the UK by Chicken Cycle Kit (, make a five-arm 94mm PCD double spider that will fit your existing cranks and allow you to fit a 29t or 30t inner chainring (also made by TA). RRP is £69.99.

Richard Hallett

​​​Cycle’s Technical Editor

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