Road Safety Week webinar series

Cycling UK is running a series of events which will explore different aspects of creating a cycling culture
As part of our ongoing digital event series providing practical advice and real-life examples of how to support and encourage more people to ride a bike, Cycling UK has three events as part of Road Safety Week 2020

Taking place 16-22 November, Cycling UK is hosting a series of events during Road Safety Week discussing what will be needed in order to develop long-term behaviour change, to improve the health of the nation and ensure people are regularly choosing to cycle.

With three webinars throughout the week, we’ll be focusing on different topics and how we can improve the conditions on our roads and tackle the perception that cycling is unsafe, in order to enable millions more people to get on a bike.

Each event will feature a panel of experts who will provide insight and examples, and will be free to attend and open to all.

Support your staff to cycle confidently

Date: Wednesday 18 November

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 GMT

Fundamentally, cycling is a ‘safe’ activity and transport choice, with overwhelming evidence to prove this, but sometimes there is a feeling from non-cyclists that it is not so. Cycling UK believes that to tackle that perception and get more people cycling to work, we need a step change in the way roads are designed, and to examine the role that we can all have in shaping this future.

Forming part of a series of events for Road Safety Week that will cover a variety of topics that address what we can do to make roads safer, this webinar will look at how businesses can encourage employees to cycle, through taking simple, practical measures that will support staff and build their confidence.

This webinar is targeted at employers and support staff – whether you’re a CEO, MD, senior HR or in a facilities management or sustainability role – to provide companies with useful information and practical guidance on how to support cycling in their workplace, challenge perceptions around cycling and safety, and how to encourage their employees who are looking to commute by bike, whether that is during or post-lockdown.

Our expert guests include:

  • Adam Tranter, CEO Fusion Media and bicycle mayor for Coventry
  • Becky Millar, Bike Buddies
  • Andy Cremin, programme manager – national projects and cycling development London, Cycling UK
  • Hosted by Sarah Mitchell, CEO Cycling UK

There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the panel.

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Involve me and I learn: how to communicate changes to the Highway Code

Date: Thursday 19 November

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 GMT

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” Xun Kuang, philosopher.

We’ll be discussing the proposed changes to the Highway Code, and what we can do to ensure that these changes are communicated effectively to all road users. While the changes will make our roads safer for all, making sure they are communicated effectively to all road users will be critical.

Join the expert panel to find out what might be coming next, how we can communicate these changes, and avoid presenting them as ‘anti-motorist’ so that we can make the roads safer for everyone.

Our expert guests include:

  • David Davies, executive director, PACTS
  • Alan Hiscox, director of safety, British Horse Society
  • Teresa Ciano, partnership manager, GoSafe Wales
  • Keir Gallagher, campaigns manager, Cycling UK
  • Hosted by Duncan Dollimore, head of campaigns and advocacy, Cycling UK

There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the panel.

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It’s safe to cycle – positive perceptions to increase women’s cycling

Date: Friday 20 November

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 GMT

This webinar, with a focus on Northern Ireland, will explore how we can help reduce the perceived fear of cycling on the roads, and what support women need to make more journeys by bike.

By deconstructing negative perceptions of cycling safety, talking about confidence building for cycling on the road, and discussing actions we can take in our communities, we can enable more women to cycle on the roads and realise the wider economic benefits.

This year’s Women’s Festival of Cycling took place at a time when more people were cycling. Bike sales are up in 2020, more families are cycling together, and governments across the UK are telling everyone to cycle to work.

It’s crucial we seize this moment and keep those women new to cycling on their bikes, as well as enabling others to take it up. With an expert panel, we’ll explore cycling solutions for women to enable more to cycle, and help those already on bikes to keep cycling as a part of their everyday life.

Please note, this event was broadcast live on 21 July and is a repeat.

Our expert guests include:

  • Caroline Bloomfield, CEO, Sustrans Northern Ireland
  • Claire Mulvenna, Cycling and Walking Unit, Department for Infrastructure
  • Claire McLernon, project officer, Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland
  • Joshua Murray, engagement officer Northern Ireland, Cycling UK
  • Hosted by Helen Cook, head of engagement, Cycling UK

As this event is not a live recording, any questions submitted won’t be answered during the event, although we will try to answer as many of the questions afterwards.

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