Q&A: I can’t stand it

I recently bought a new Ridgeback Panorama and discovered that my double-legged Pletscher kickstand wouldn’t fit behind the bottom bracket; it fouled various cables. I then invested in a Pletscher MultiFlex rear kickstand but foolishly didn’t allow for my Spyre disc brake, which prevented me fitting the stand in the right place. The only answer I can see (apart from investing in a new stand) is to get or make an extension for the seatstay clamp, to allow positioning of the stand clear of the rear calliper. Does such a piece of kit exist?

Graham Tait

Does it already exist? Probably not. The Pletscher MultiFlex is designed to be clamped to the seatstay and chainstay of a cycle not made with an integral side-stand mounting boss. The design of the stand does not look easily adapted for use in conjunction with a rear disc calliper, so your best bet may well be to sell the MultiPlex and look for a stand that will either work without modification or can be more readily adapted to your requirements.

The FWE Kickstand from Evans Cycles looks like it will work with a chainstay-mounted disc brake. Failing that, the Click-Stand will certainly work, but it’s not a kickstand in the traditional sense.

Richard Hallett

​​​Cycle magazine’s technical editor

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