Cycling UK Safeguarding Policies

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Cycling UK believes everyone should enjoy the pleasures of cycling, whoever they are. Photo by Steve Sales
Many cycling groups and clubs are unsure about inviting young people and adults at risk to go out on rides with them. Cycling UK's Safeguarding policies are designed to put ride and event organisers' minds at rest, so that young people and adults at risk can enjoy the pleasures of cycling as much as anyone else.

These policies are designed to provide both advice about current legislation, and ways of encouraging organisations to appeal to a more diverse range of riders.

Our Safeguarding policies and step-by-step reporting guides will explain everything you need to consider, including a code of conduct.

Any questions about the documentations should be addressed to the head of volunteering at Cycling UK or phone 01483 238308.

If you are reporting a concern, please send us a completed safeguarding report.